Saturday, May 15, 2010

Introducing Amelia and Animal!

The puppies slept very well their first night home. But they didn't go to bed in their crate until about 1:00am and then I was so nervous that they were going to pee everywhere that I got up with them at 5:30am.

Sparky wanted all sorts of horrible names for Animal. Animal was, by far, the best choice. His other suggestions were: Crank-Shaft, Axel-Rod, Jarvis, Ajax, Lucius... you get the picture. Animal was his favorite muppet growing up. It was so much better than the other options so it stuck for the puppy formerly known as Pattycake. In case you do not know who I am talking about I have chosen to add some images/clips for you. You are welcome.
Regular Muppet Animal: Baby Muppet Animal:

The little girl puppy likes to explore. A lot. Sparky decided she should be Amelia, after Amelia Earhart who loved to explore the sky. Whatever. She really is a little princess because she thinks everything is about her.

I came home after work and they were perfect! They did not attempt to knock over their gate and nothing was torn up. They went potty only on the newspapers. All was good.
I cleaned up the floor and placed wee wee pads down. Smooth transition from newspaper.

Second night home the little princess, Amelia, was very barky and whiny. Sparky decided to let them try sleeping in our bed. They were all over the place. They tried sleeping by my feet, and my knees, and my elbows, and on top of my head, and by my back. It was really annoying. I finally put them in the kitchen and went back to bed around 4:00am.

Last night I put Gaby's old round bed in between Sparky's pillow and my pillow. When they tried to crawl out of their bed, I made my "don't do that" sound. They slept peacefully all night. I took them to pee at 4:00am and then at 6:00am they were ready to play. I put them in the kitchen to play so I could sleep a little longer.
They have been sleeping and playing all day. Such good puppies. They are completely wee wee pad trained. They just don't seem to understand the peeing outside thing yet. I am working on it. So far, we are accident free!! The only accident we have had was when I was ignoring them so I could get dressed. Oops.

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Hootie said...

Your babies really are adorable! I am so happy for you. :)