Saturday, May 8, 2010

I need to modify my 101 in 1001...

...because I used my embroidery machine money to buy an iPad. And I love it. It was totally worth it and I have no regrets.
Ahhhh. I got a film to put over the touch screen so it won't get ruined and I got a silicone cover thing so I can throw it into my purse like a ginormous phone. If it had a phone app I could be like a modern-day Zach Morris!
I got this bad boy Thursday after school and I wasted no time downloading apps to my new friend. Then I crossed off another number from my 101 list by creating my school and home calendar on the calendar app on my new iPad. Nice. (If you really want, you can click to see what we did at school Friday.)
I also added the kindle/bn reader/ ebook apps so I now have a virtual library:
I love that the pages are in color, look like pages being turned when I turn pages. If I click on a word in the book a little dictionary definition pops up, I can also highlight, take notes, and other stuff I haven't figured out yet.
I feel like a five year old with the coolest new toy. I even took it to school on Friday to show off to all of my friends. Too bad the teachers don't have Show and Tell, or I totally would have shared.
And just in case you are thinking of buying one but don't want to part with your money, check this out. I was making some tea last night and this was on my tea bag:
Clearly, being a teacher, and buying electronic gadgets, I will never be rich on earth. Now I can use my new technology to download the Bible, and all of the Beth Moore Bible studies I want to read. I can carry 25 books around with me while only weighing a pound and a half.

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