Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Scoots

That is what Sparky calls diarrhea. (Speaking of diarrhea, why is it spelled that way? It is ridiculous.) Poor Gaby has had the scoots for the last two days because I switched his dog food. He has such a sensitive tummy, the poor thing. I got him some new food, and he didn't like it so he stopped eating it. So I had to get him his old food, and he is so picky that he actually picked out the pieces of new (old style) food from his bowl and refused the eat the other stuff. This resulted in the scoots.
On the bright side, he was very snuggly and cuddly. He then would suddenly leap up and begin crying as he "scooted" all over the carpet. Lovely. (Basic H2 works well on carpet stains.) He did this several times. The final time was about 4:00am. It smelled so horrible that it woke me up.
To prevent more stains during the day while I was at school I had to barricade him in the kitchen on the linoleum. The opening into the kitchen is extra wide, so of course I cannot just use a baby gate like a normal person. I got to do this:

This is a huge piece of plywood wedged up against the two walls on either side of the opening. Holding it in place is a heavy filing cabinet, a trash can, and a chair. Trust me, if I could have piled more stuff in front of it, I would. My dog is houdini. He can escape nearly anything.
Here he is when I got back from work. He got one piece of wood down, he flipped over his bed, flipped part of the rug, and knocked the hand towel off the stove. You can see the little guy in the corner. He is blind, so he was staring at the oven instead of me. Poor guy. 

Fortunately, he was a good boy while I was at school and I have not had to lock him in the kitchen again.
Sparky and I went to Barnes and Noble because...well, that is what we do... and guess what we saw!
That's right folks!  A double rainbow! The first one is obvious, the second one is much more faint, but I can still see it. I like to think of this as God's sign that he will not forget me while he is knocking up everyone else in my school.
Oh yeah, another teacher is pregnant. With twins. (But she had in-vitro so in my warped infertility stricken mind, she "deserves" her twins because she had to struggle to get them. So, I am happy for her instead of purely bitter. Don't try to understand my thinking, I am complicated.)
Also, because I just learned of this teacher's infertility, she was able to refer me to her fertility clinic in Indy. She is going to call some people for me. I love her. Finally, someone IRL who understands. Ahhh.


Hootie said...

Hilarious that you just happen to have a HUGE piece of plywood laying around to use! :)

Sarah said...

This wasn't my first rodeo!