Monday, May 31, 2010

I am alive...

but just barely. Apparently right after my last post my health took a turn for the worse. I have been battling allergies and whatnot for the last week or so and didn't really think too much of it. I guess this is supposed to be the worst year for allergies in like 15 years or something. Yay.
Sparky had a little cough that I ignored, and apparently he passed it to me.
Well, lucky me. Due to my horrid allergies and asthma and ignoring my sickness... I got bronchitis and a sinus infection. It knocked me on my ass. I am not really sure how I made it through school on Wednesday and Thursday because I honestly do not remember those days even happening. I know I remembered to turn in my master's homework on Wednesday... but other than that I don't know what happened.
Thursday (I think, it could have been Wednesday), after school, I went to the minute clinic at CVS and got some antibiotics. They really helped. I actually remember what we did in class on Friday!

Friday was my dad's 66th birthday, so I went to my parent's house for lasagna dinner. It was yummy. I don't have any pics.

Saturday was my dad's family reunion at my parents' house. I didn't last too long there. I guess being sick requires getting a lot of sleep, which I have not been doing. My mom sent me home to go back to bed. So I did. It was glorious.

Sunday I was supposed to go to the Indy 500. My "mom" in my sorority is engaged to the guy who was in the #2 spot starting the race, Will Power. I was excited to get to see him race, and hopefully win. I didn't go to the race. I stayed home and caught up with all the cleaning and laundry I had ignored all week long. It was a good thing I didn't go because it ended up being the hottest day in history at the race track. I don't do well with large crowds or extreme heat so it would have been miserable for everyone around me if I had gone.
Sparky took his mom and dad to the race instead. It wasn't such a good idea to take them either because of the horrible heat. They ended up leaving half way through the race and taking a taxi cab to where their car was parked because Sparky's dad was not looking so good. Sparky thought he was going to have a heat stroke. I am happy to report everyone is okay now.

So I guess this Memorial Day we are going to just "straight chill" as Sparky says. Sparky slept in. I woke up with the barking/crying puppies. I had them fed, cleaned their area, made myself breakfast and was parked in front of my new favorite show by 9:00am.

I need to write an assessment real quick so I can fill in the last parts of one kid's report card. (The kindergarten report card is standards based, so for every single kindergarten standard I have to give a grade. Since I teach a k/1 split I pretty much just teach first grade so I don't know if this one kid knows all of these kindergarten skills. The rest of the kindergartners work at a first grade level anyway so they obviously have mastered all of the kindergarten standards.)
The kids have one day of school left and then there is one teacher day. After that, I have to pack up my classroom AGAIN for the third year in a row. I am getting really tired of packing it. Hopefully my next grade/school placement will last longer than one year!

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