Thursday, December 23, 2010

1st Anniversary!

For our first anniversary Sparky spent the day at school working on his truck. When he came home in the evening we planned on going somewhere nice for a special dinner. We decided on going to DiAngelo's for their superior Italian food.

We walked in and sat down. I looked to my left, and guess who was there. My mom and dad!
We decided to go join them. Then our family friend walked over! She was meeting extended family there for dinner. Apparently we have good taste in food!
It was a really good meal.
Afterward I tried taking pictures of us to commemorate our first anniversary. The puppies didn't want to cooperate:
It is hard to be your own photographer! I should have asked my mom and dad to take some pictures of us at the restaurant.
These little guys didn't help at all (Amelia looks like she is scowling, she isn't. She was trying to smile):
The winning photo:

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adrianne + will said...

Haha! Happy belated anniversary! We have two dogs and they are just as silly when we try and make a group photo. One of our pups names is Amelia too, just had to share that tid bit!