Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jesse Tree II

The day before Thanksgiving this year I put up my Christmas tree and other decorations. We have a fake Christmas tree that my sister and her husband got for us a year or so ago. It was a very thoughtful gift!
The only unfortunate part is that I can see the pole going all the way up the middle of the tree because it could benefit from some more limbs. To remedy this problem, I googled ways to make my fake tree look more realistic.
I got busy bending the limbs and branches in realistic ways, then added several feet of ribbon, filled the inside of the tree with ball ornaments, and stuffed gold and red colored tree things in the branches.

I think it turned out pretty good!
I also found these silver and red boxes at the dollar store. They were nestled together so several came together for $1. I numbered the boxes, drew a little picture of the ornament that belongs in each box (to help put them all away at the end of December), and put the Jesse Tree ornaments inside them. They are now nestled under the tree like little presents to open each day until Christmas.

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