Thursday, December 23, 2010


This past weekend I FINALLY graduated from Graduate School!!! I am so excited that I am completely done with that and can finally have my life back!
Sparky was in charge of the camera:
Before anyone came in:
I think this one is to show how large the chapel-torium is:
The fancy-robed people:
I think this is a picture of the image on the large screen of all the fancy-robe people:
The Key Note Speaker
I was only about five rows in front of Sparky and my parents while in the large group:
Action shot of me walking across the stage:
Shaking the president of the university's hand and receiving my diploma:
Thanking our families for support during the graduate degree process:
Walking out, I passed right by them:
Afterward with my parents:
Afterward with the people in my cohort who I have spent the last 18 months talking to online every day, but never met in real life!

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