Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I really should...

update this thing more. And now I will have the time! As of yesterday evening I have finished my Master's Degree program!!! YAY!!! I will finally be able to enjoy my weekends without the stress of homework hanging over my head. I actually came home today (Wednesday) and thought about what I need to turn in because usually Wednesday is the final day each week for submission of homework.
All I have left is the graduation ceremony on the 18th. I am so excited!! I am actually going to go to this graduation. I didn't go to my graduation from Purdue because there are just so many people my graduating class would just be standing up as a group and sitting right back down. Big whoop. This time I get to walk across the stage as they call my name and I get to wear a fancy graduation robe with extra droopy sleeves like an angel, velvet lining, and  the hood in the back.

I am also nearly dizzy with excitement because this arrived:
It arrived just in time for me to try it out with my friend's baby. I got to babysit her four month old infant overnight. Squeee! He was perfect. He let me dress him up, push him around the living room in my stroller, and try out my cloth diapers. What a good sport!
Today the attachment arrived so that I can attach my baby carrier to the stroller and turn it into a travel system.
Here is the best part of this stroller, the quick fold mechanism:

I'll add some pictures of the cute baby in the fabulous stroller in a bit, but right now I don't feel like finding my camera...

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