Thursday, December 23, 2010


I got to baby sit a real baby... overnight! It was great. I played dress up, and tried out my cloth diapers, and got to see what the puppies thought of a baby.
Animal was very weary of him the entire time. Amelia was in love. She wanted to keep him. When the baby cried, she cried. She followed him everywhere and would just sit and stare at him. If she could get close enough (while I held the baby) she would rest her head on his tummy. So cute.
Here he is with Sparky:
This one shows a little bit of how much Amelia loves the baby:
And how little Animal cares (he is on the back of the couch):
Isn't he adorable?
I was trying to get a picture of his smile, but each time I pushed the button on my camera a little red light came on for red-eye and he got distracted from smiling. Bummer.

I also got to try out my new stroller in the living room :o)

He liked it.

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