Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Brunch

The Farmer family (my mom's mom's side of the family, i.e. my maternal grandmother's family) gets together for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year for Christmas we decided to try having a brunch instead of dinner. It was at my mom's cousin's house, next door. :o)
They all live really close to each other.
Sparky and my dad with Sparky's non-functional gas tank he made from a flat piece of sheet metal. He likes it a lot. 
Standing at the food table with some family members:
With my unidentified cousins:
Sparky and I with more cousins playing a game:

New game, Apples to Apples:

My cards, which just happen to describe me well:
Sparky did not play long. He is not much one for playing games, but I don't know why. We all had a blast!
I turned around and here is what I saw. Sparky asleep on the sofa in the middle of the family:

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