Thursday, December 23, 2010

August photos... poor puppies

Way back in August we had to get the dogs fixed. You know, spayed and neutered. I did not want to deal with any incest, gross, or a dog in heat, also gross.
Animal would NOT leave his incision site alone. So he got "the cone of shame"

Here he is:

Amelia is a quick learner. She decided she did not want the cone of shame, so she left her incision site alone. However, I think her stitches were too tight because the poor thing couldn't walk. Every time she tried to stand up she screamed and fell back down.
There is nothing more horrible than hearing your poor baby scream in pain. So I helped her slide onto her doggy bed and I carried her wherever Animal and I went.
I think the princess liked her throne. Here she is hiding behind it while Animal got his cone. She's no dummy.
** They are both in horrible need of haircuts in these photos, ignore their shagginess**

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