Saturday, July 10, 2010

I bought bedding and I'm moving on... kinda

I went to target today to see if they had the different coordinating pieces so I could hold them up to each other to see if they match in real life.
Well... I found something even better!!!!
This 3-piece crib set (meaning I still need to buy the crib skirt) was on clearance! Only $45!!! Can you believe it? I was bummed that it came with the "comforter" instead of the crib skirt, but it isn't really a comforter. It is actually a padded floor thing. Cool. Here it is:
I don't know why it doesn't show the crib skirt, because it is shown in the picture on the actual bedding I got (hince me thinking it came with one, I need to learn how to read). Anyway, I think it will look great in the room. I went ahead and bought an extra sheet in case they sell out (because I am sure there is a mad rush on dotted crib sheets). I also got a green sheet saver so I can match greens for the room. Everything in the isle was the same green hue and the sheet saver was also on clearance for $5. Yay me!!

So now that we can move on for a little bit... I completed a project this evening. I have blisters on my poor little fingers to prove it!
A while ago I bought a huge empty picture frame at Hobby Lobby. It was originally $50 on sale for $14. So I then bought some cheap muslin fabric and some tiny little eye hooks for about a dollar. I had my wonderful dad cut a piece of wood for me and created this:
A jewelry organizer!!!! I used to have everything tacked to the wall in my closet, but it didn't look so nice and I figured it would be difficult to move someday to a new house. So I took it all down and put it some jewelry holder thing. And that ended the regular rotation of the jewelry I wear.

I love being able to see everything and pick out new pieces to wear! I think it looks great in my closet.

Now my project list consists of:
Make a Christmas 2009 picture frame with a picture in it (important to add with my sister and me, we tend to have empty frames)
Make a book with my wedding pictures (oh yeah, I finally got the disk in the mail)
Consolidate all of the random pictures I have stored by either putting them into albums, or scanning them into the computer and making a digital book. I will most likely just get an album and call it a day.
Incorporate "beach theme" into my bathroom and/or bedroom to use some of my wedding decorations and get them out of the future nursery.
Throw away t-shirt quilt pieces. (Let's be honest... I am never going to actually make it. Even if I did, what would I do with it? I am not going to display it on my bed. I like my current bedding too much.)
Frame old Time magazines of Kennedy family (i.e. Jackie)
Move bookshelf to hallway
Modify clothes hamper to fit a smaller space
(((((apparently I LOVE parenthesis today!)))

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Kristi B said...

You've been shopping @Target too! I bought the same green crib saver! I also almost bought the brown and white bumper pad. My store only had the bumper pad by itself - no 3 piece set. I HATE how they make you hunt down a damn crib skirt! Had my MIL search all of her Targets in the DFW area for mine with success!

Love the jewelry organizer!

I have tshirts saved for a quilt too. I decided to get rid of them as well b/c let's face it, where on earth am I going to put it?? Not on my bed and don't want messy husband who doesn't take care of anything spilling his crap on it! ;-) We have a lot in common :-D

Good luck with your adoption process! It will be over before you know it!