Thursday, July 1, 2010

Broken Tooth

Sparky's parents were in Indy. for some political thing my mother-in-law had to attend. Since they were part of the way here they decided to drive on over to see the puppies.
Sparky's mom wanted to swim in our pool, so we loaded up the puppies and went on down. I just cannot believe that Sparky would push puppies in a stroller. It cracks me up. I also love how the puppies stick their little faces over the side.

We watched Pam (Sparky's mom) swim for a while then headed back home. The puppies must have been rough-housing or something because next thing I knew Sparky was gushing about Amelia's first lost tooth. Well, that didn't sound right. I pried her mouth open and guess what I saw:
She broke her poor little baby tooth. You can see the exposed nerve and dentin in the middle of her tooth (the pink part). She was in pain. When Animal wanted to play with her, she turned her back on him and laid down. When he kept bugging her, she went into her cage with her butt towards the entrance. Poor baby.
The vet said to just keep an eye on it for infection but it should be falling out soon anyway so we don't have to do any surgery. (Thank God!)

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