Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ferlitily Nonsense

On June 24th I went to the doctor as directed to check on how the Clomid and Estradiol worked. I went in for an ultrasound. I was under the impression (incorrectly) that this ultrasound would be through my tummy. Boy was I wrong! You can just use your imagination.

The ultrasound technician was very nice, but it was still uncomfortable. My right ovary had one follicle on it that measured about 24.9mm. That's it. Only one. From The Bump, I was reading other people on these drugs and they had many many follicles. I only have one. I suppose I should be happy that I have at least one!!
For those who don't know: A follicle is on the ovary and it is where the little egg develops. The larger the follicle the larger the egg (I think). When there is an HCG surge the follicle ruptures and releases the egg down the fallopian tubes.

The ultrasound tech was unable to find my left ovary for a long time. What the??? I know I have one. I had a laparoscopy and no one mentioned it was missing, I would think they would tell me! Finally, she found it. It was hiding. It was also inactive. She said it happens sometimes. So apparently I am only working with half a deck. Great. Add it to the infertility cocktail.

I was sent to Walmart to go pick up a prescription for the HCG shot. Let me tell you, Walmart is not the best place to send an infertile person to pick up medicine. I sat there and watched so many teenage moms walk by with multiple dirty children, I couldn't even count them all--blegh. Anyway, the FINALLY call my name, 30 minutes later, and I go to pay. $100. For one shot. For one use. Holy cow. This better work.

I drove back to the doctor's office and they quickly gave me the shot. It didn't hurt me, only my wallet. I was sent home.
Later in the week I called my doctor's office and asked if I was supposed to be put on progesterone so my luteal phase lasts longer than 7 days. They got back to me today letting me know I needed to get my blood drawn first so we could see what my progesterone level is before we add any more to it. The blood will be checked tonight or tomorrow morning. I am praying my period doesn't start before that because it has already been 7 days. I am not sure what the doctor's office was waiting for. I am beyond peeved.
The doctor's office isn't in any big hurry to move this process along, but I am! I don't want to keep taking all of these hormones, paying hundreds of dollars, and dealing with the emotions. I either want it to work or I am done.
So I have decided...I will try this cocktail of drugs for two more cycles (after 3 months the effectiveness drops dramatically). If it doesn't work by then, I am going to take the hint from God. I am not supposed to have my own children. Don't get me wrong. I am supposed to have children, but for some reason or another I am supposed to end this chain of DNA. Sparky and I will adopt. I am looking into domestic adoption because I don't have too much faith in the medicines working. I also just feel like God has been leading me toward adoption. So many children here need good homes and I could provide that.
The important thing is to have children, it doesn't matter how I have them.
Plus, I can get into really good shape and walk around in a bikini with wash-board abs with a baby in front of all the moms with their baby weight. MuHAhhahahaha!!! (That was my evil laugh)


Kristi B said...

Just found you through Amber's blog Unexpected Life. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get pregnant! Adoption is pretty great too though. My husband is adopted, and we are adopting through the same agency he came from. I look forward to following you through your journey whatever it may be!

Kristi B said...

Sorry Amber's blog is Until We Meet :-)