Thursday, July 1, 2010

Puppies and Nyah (Picture Overload)

Lima, OH is only about an hour away from my in-law's house, so we stayed overnight there after the race. We were surprised to see my niece Nyah there when we arrived!
She did not care too much for the puppies. And the puppies were a little weary of her. It worked out well. The puppies stayed away from Nyah and she stayed away from them!
Sparky is reading a pamphlet to Nyah
Nyah didn't want her picture taken.
Amelia and Me
Sparky and Animal, apparently his gut is like a Barcalounger.
Sparky with the puppies
This face looks eerily similar to "blue steel"
Now it is time for Dress Up!! Nyah was both the costume director and the director of photography. She told me what pictures to take and arranged our cast members.
Poor Keith. He will never live this down. Anything for Nyah.

No pictures of the crew!!!

It was a rather entertaining experience. Nyah has a lot of personality. She did NOT want her picture taken at all, but was very particular about everyone else's photos. Fun times.

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