Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bedding Debacle

I am an idiot and didn't look at the price of the bedding I originally picked for the green nursery. It is about $239. WAY too much for my beer budget.
So I had to begin my search for some new gender neutral bedding with green in it so I didn't have to change everything else about the nursery plan. Again.
So here is what I found:
I can get the four piece set for cheap-ish. Is it too boyish? I thought the scalloped bedskirt helped make it more feminine in case it needs to be. And of course, as a teacher, I like the alphabet. But it still isn't a "theme" because I don't like those. The dots and bubbles help make it less of a theme and more about color. What do you think?


Beth said...

I like the alphabet too. It would also tie in well if you do a few birds in the tree with different paper, like you showed earlier. But, it is pretty boyish with all the blue. Is there any pink in it all?

Lauren H. said...

I too like the alphabet. It is so cute and colorful. I agree it is a little boyish with all the blue. I think you could tone down the boyish blue effect if you did a different color wall.