Thursday, July 1, 2010

Taste of B)@@#(^&!@^

Every year our city has a Taste of (Our City's Name Here). To protect my anonymity, I am not writing the name of the city. But I am sure if you really cared you could figure it out. Basically the Taste has many different restaurants from around town set up in little booths where you can buy a sampling of their food. It allows you to try many new places in one convenient location.
Sparky and I went last year and decided to give it another whorl. We arrived at the gate and had to pay $6 each. (Running Total=$12)
I am not too hungry, but about dying of thirst. Sparky was so kind as to buy me a water for $1. (Running Total=$13)
Sparky decides he doesn't want to eat at anyplace we normally eat, so that eliminates about 2/3 of the restaurants there. We don't cook much. We finally find this place that sells meat. Sparky is carnivorous, so he is happy...until he orders. He got this dinky piece of meat for $3. It was so small, considering half of the thing was bone:

As you can see, after three bites the meat was gone. That part that he is holding onto is bone. It extended the entire way down the meat. Bad deal. (Running Total=$16)
Fortunately, I ate before we went. ;o) But I saved some room for some ice cream from my favorite ice cream place for $2. The serving was actually quite nice on this one. (Running Total= $18)
Sparky spotted a place with sausages or brats of some kind and decided he was done with paying a lot for a small serving. He purchased a huge stuffed thing for $6. (Running Total=$24)
And of course he needed a coke to wash it down for $2. (Running Total=$26)
By this point, we were hot, and tired of spending money, and hungry. What a waste. We are never going back.
The only good part of the trip was the crafts on the square. There were vendors selling their wares in little tents around the entire courthouse. Very cool. Sparky even bought me some earrings for my birthday.
Also, before leaving, we got to stop in one of my favorite decorating stores downtown. Relish. I spotted a couple of things Sparky needs to make for me, because I am not willing to spend any more money after our "lunch."
1. Beautiful copper topped round table. 

2. Cool rolling metal table that would make an excellent kitchen island. 

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