Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flat Track

Sparky has introduced me to many things I didn't know I was missing out on. I think I probably could have continued living my life without ever seeing some of them and I would be perfectly happy. One of those would be drag races. I hate them. They are loud and dumb. Two obnoxious cars go in a straight line really fast. Big whup.
This time he took me to watch a motorcycle race in Lima, OH on a limestone flat track. Motorcycles (that look a lot like dirt bikes to me) go really fast around this loop track. But instead of asphalt the track is made of this crushed limestone stuff so the motorcycles slide around every turn.
We drove up there, picked up Sparky's friend Frank, and went to the race. We got seats in the bleachers. Sparky and Frank were really annoying me because they kept moving our seats. They didn't like our assigned seats, so the geniuses moved down to the empty rows toward the bottom.
Well there is a reason they were empty seats. Apparently as the motorcycles go around the track their tires kick up the dirt and limestone junk and hurl it through the air at the unsuspecting spectators in the lower bleachers. Us.
Sparky's shirt used to be black:
It was really dirty. We moved seats after a couple of races and sat comfortably in the middle section of bleachers, where no one was dirty at all. I felt like Pig-Pen from Peanuts.

Here are the culprets:

It was neat to watch them slide around all of the corners.
Next year I will bring a riot shield with me.

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