Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nursery Choices- Round II

Choice A:
Wall color is a light blue.
From the left-
Three rectangles next to the door are gutter bookshelves. Like these, but shorter:
On top of the door to the closet is one wallpaper bird from Romp:
Romp also makes the Wallpaper Tree and the Wallpaper Monkey. I see absolutely no reason why this cannot be done as a DIY project with old wallpaper or with scrapbook paper. Much cheaper.

Next is the Baby Mod crib with matress from Walmart (it actually has good reviews!). The crib changes into a toddler bed, a day bed, and a full sized bed frame:

On the other wall is the matching changing table and dresser. The changing table changes into a regular dresser. Although it looks small to me, so maybe it becomes more of a side table for the full bed.

I have not actually found a green roman shade for the window, but they are relatively easy to make with some dowel rods, string, and plastic circles.
The final wall has a power line that I drew. I would like to do this in a similar fashion as the tree. The birds are from the set from Romp, just arranged along the power lines. These could be painted, or maybe I could use black string to make it more 3-D.
OR maybe it is dumb to make a power line and I could just use the wallpaper bird cutouts above the changing table in a square pattern with one missing.

For this room I would use a white breathable bumper, these sheets from Serena & Lily with the matching bed skirt. 

Choice B:
Starts off with the same gutter book shelves.
The bed is Stork Craft.I am not a huge fan of this crib. It is okay. It also changes into a toddler bed, day bed, and full sized bed frame. Stork Craft does not have great ratings, but the bed is cheap.
The matching dresser/hutch is also made by Stork Craft. It requires you to mount the hutch to the wall to keep it upright. Doesn't sound too safe.

The wall art picture frames and swirls to match the bedding are vinyl things from Etsy. But I could very well paint these myself.

I like the Harlow bedding by Cocalo Couture.
Let me know which you like better!! I am split. I don't particularly care for the furniture with Choice B, but I like everything else. I like everything with Choice A.


Lauren H. said...

I like choice one! (but maybe that is because I am waaaaay into birds at the moment) I think the birds are absolutely adorable. And I like the power line idea.

Anonymous said...

I love the elegance of the bedding and window treatment and colors of choice 2, but I would keep the whimsy of the birds, tree and power lines and furniture of choice 1. I am absolutely no help - that is why you all helped me with our nursery! I only know how to do artsy things on the computer and with yarn, sticks and hooks!