Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nursery Choices

I have been thinking a lot about the nursery I want to create. I cannot make up my mind. Do I want to go with white furniture for a light and airy feeling? Or dark wood for a rich warm feeling?
Do I want a regular dresser/changer or one with a hutch for additional storage... hmmm
So I put together some choices I am thinking of right now.
The first one, that I am leaning more towards right now, is inspired by this room:

I would use the Serena & Lilly Ben Collection for the bedding. Or maybe some linen looking crib set that I haven't found yet because the Ben collection is very boy-ish

Pottery Barn Kendall crib and dresser/changer.

I would like to put white wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall (I can fake it with some trim and paint) and do a faux linen painting technique on the top half to make it look like tan, beach colored fabric.

Then I want to do something interesting on the ceiling since that is what the baby stares at all the time. I like this:
Obviously it would be on the ceiling and not the wall. It brings together the white from the wainscoting and the tan from the faux linnen and introduces a pretty blue.
I would like to use this same blue for accents, like curtains.
My storyboard isn't working cooperatively right now, so you will have to use your imagination to put it all together.

And here is the polar opposite. The inspiration room is this:
I love the monogram above the crib, and the wall color, and the chair rail. 
I prefer this crib and changer with hutch:

Aren't they pretty? Look at all the storage! And the bed changes into a toddler bed and a full sized bed.
And I like two different bedding choices here.
Choice A:
Choice B:
I don't think there would be any ceiling painting for this nursery. It would be way too much.

That's all for now! What do you like the best? Doing this for either a boy or a girl would be so much more fun. Oh well.

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Amy said...

love love love choice b bedding!!! thats exactly what i had in mind for a neutral nursery!!

i have the graco lauren crib and it looks exactly like the pb kendall... except you can get it at BRU and Target for $150. i have in it espresso but they also have it in white!! i highly recommend it!!!