Friday, July 23, 2010


I feel much better now. Two good things happened.
1. I went to the book store with Sparky. I found the BEST book ever. Don't walk... RUN to your nearest book store to check out this beauty:
Just in case the awkward photo on the cover isn't good enough how about these?
Can anyone explain this huge sofa, and why no one wants to sit on it?
Besides the fact that my sister has a photo nearly IDENTICAL to this one, I love that the crotch of her panty hose is sticking out.
Do you need a good laugh right now? Head over to Awkward Family Photos. Look for my family in the matching dresses and my dad in the matching tie.

 2. A wonderful stranger from The Bump Adoption board was able to send me the fee schedule for one of the agencies I was leaning towards. After hearing the fee schedule for Adoption Network Law Center... anything sounds great!
She sent me the fee schedule for Adoption Support Center out of Indianapolis. MUCH better.
I called them and they are not willing to work with us until we have been married a year. Not bad. I was afraid they would require something like 5 years. That would be horrible.
So, my new idea is to wait until January 1st (oh who am I kidding, I will probably call them December 22) to sign with them. They say they have an average wait time of 9-10 months. That would give us about a year from now before being matched, to save money. Even if we do a horrible job of saving, I am not too concerned.
The total fees added up to about $18,000. After the adoption tax credit of $13,000 it only leaves us $5,000. Well, I happen to be finishing my master's degree right now which will increase my salary buy guess how much... you guessed it! $5,000. Clearly, this is the choice we are supposed to make.

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